İZMİR-Karşıyaka Cihat Kora Anadolu Lisesi

      Cihat Kora High School is a non- profit organization built in 2004 by a charitable businessman named Cihat Kora. Now, it is one of the ten Project school in Turkey. As a small, safe and inclusive school we take great pride in our location and environment , as we are situated in the hearth of the city centre. Moreover, it is the first and unique high school in Aegean Region which has a Preparation Class based on English languge for a year, and totally 1 + 4 years’ education. Our school provides a suportive environment where children of al special needs and social classes, develops a love of learning and acquire a strong foundation on which to build lifetime of knowledge. It is a school whose community is based upon trust, communication, empathy and a non punitive educative approach to school discipline. Emotional intelligence is an important pillar of our school. Academic and social units at our schoolculminate projects that the students desigcn themselves allowing them to cultivate critical thinking and leadership skills. This project that is built on real scientific and educational activities addresses mainly to the students and the teachers as well as the schools The extent of activities and topic will be very wide and this gives the European project a new limit. The major aim of this project is to help the students to gain more competence of correlating with the skills and knowledge they learn at school and practising the teaching in their lives