Kırşehir Prof.Dr. İlhan Kılıçözlü Fen Lisesi

         Our school started education and training in 1998. We have 1 manager, 1 chief assistant, 2 manager assistant, 40 teachers.They provide our 567 gifted students education and training services.
According to the result of the TEOG exam, students who are in 1% of Turkey have chosen ourschool.. Many of the graduate students go to the distinguished universities of Turkey. Our school is shown among the best 21 schools of Turkey. We have really talented and ambitious students.
According to the innovative approach, the teachers have to aware of the fact that at our modern era, the usage of technology and environmental tasks are more important than the usage of the classicaltraditional
approaches at the lessons. For this reason, teachers have to develop themselves with an
everlasting pursuit to be beneficial to their students. As teachers, We are willing to associate with
European teachers and would like to contribute to this project.Throughout the world, teachers should behave collaborately and they have to be in touch with eachothers in order to educate more successful and talented students Since we are a science school, this project will change our
students’ learning styles and our teachers’ teaching styles. It will change our students’ negative ideas about Maths and science when they turn into something enjoyable, observable and usable in real life.
Through the methods, new approaches and new learning materials and contents that this Project will provide us, our students will be able to use their imagination, problem solving skills. It wil also teach our students how to use theoretical information in practice while encouraging critical thinking and also instilling problem solving skills By the help of this project, we believe we will be able to develop students' ability of learning through Science education Raise awareness on Responsible Research and Innovation by increasing pupils' content knowledge about research. In our project our participants are students, teachers, school staff, parents and also indirectly the local people. All of them are related to culture and society.

The expected impact for all people with this Project will be;

-increase their capacity to communicate with transnational partners,

- share good practices, - raise awareness on the importance of "Intercultural learning" and "Using social media",

-Make the students actively participate in these processes - enable target groups to see different applications in
different regions,

- increase their motivation with social and cultural activities - increase awareness about the differences between cultures, -create awareness about cultures, different cultures try to learn more about other cultures and also give value to other cultures, want to improve a dialogue between cultures without prejudice. -We will provide many dialogues among different countries and increase tolerance and respect.