Romania- Lıceul Teoretıc Lascar Rosettı, Raducanenı

      “Lascar Rosetti” high school from Raducaneni is a complex rural educational institution which offers an educational program from kindergarten to grade 12 for Romanian students including local minorities (kindergarten -from three to six years old children, primary school -1st to 4th grade, gymnasium -5th to 8th grade, high school -9th to 12th grade, technological school -9th to 12th grade and TVET school -9th to 11th). Our school had 1514 students in 2016-2017 , from which 353 are from poor families, 76 are from rroma people , 169 have one or both parents left to work in European states , 21 students have minor or sever disabilities , 82 students has only one parent look after them, 354 students have parents with a minimum educational level. The curriculum is that of the Romanian state with emphasis upon preparing students for college/university. Instruction is in Romanian. All students are required to study two foreign languages: French and English. The school’s testing program includes the National examination in the 8th grade and in the 12th grade, the latter, also called the Baccalaureate exam. After the examination, the school offers the graduates the Baccalaureate Diploma. Most of the students attend colleges and universities in Romania and a very small percent choose to continue their studies abroad. From an economic point of view, Raducaneni is a disadvantaged area as there are very few work places here and most families ’monthly income is very low causing a fall in living standards. Children belonging to these families lack basic things such as proper housing, food, clothing and stuff for school. The local authorities help these families providing a minimum monthly income for them (social aid) which unfortunately is too little to fulfil their basic needs. Another problem Raducaneni community has to face is related to the parents who leave their children in their relatives’care in order to go abroad to work and get money for a better life. Because of this, children belonging to these families usually face emotional problems which also affect their school and personal life. Among the pupils of our school there are also children at risk of social exclusion mostly belonging to rroma families (gypsies) where lack of money, education and social integration have a great influence on the development of their children and consequently on their school life. Most of them fail to complete their gymnasium studies. Only few of them graduate high school and a small percent of them goes to college/faculty .