TEKİRDAĞ-Çorlu İMKB Fen Lisesi

      Our school is 38 km away from Tekirdağ city center, 110 km away from Istanbul Ataturk Airport and 114 km to Istanbul Coach Terminal. It is an education complex which consists of a main school building and a dormitory. Our school has got 20 classrooms with 520 students and 40 teachers.There is also an updated library, a health room, a conference hall, and 3 well-equipped Science labs. Our school is one of the most distinguished schools in the region which focuses on Science education.The most important objective of the school is to bring up students who are responsible from his behaviours, who adopted Ataturk's ideology, who are active , creative and ready to take risks. Our school is a place where the learning occurs voluntarily and where the students gain a strong personality. Our school also aims at laying the base for scientific thinking and introducing open-minded students who are interested in science and technology, research and innovative Works into the society. Our school has been participating in academic competitions and Science Olympics continously. It came in third in Social science olympics in 2011, and came first of European Region in Social Science Projects competitions held by TUBITAK in 2012 . Our students represented the school in Cahit Arf Maths competition in January, 2015. In addition, our school organized the TUBITAK Science Fair within the premises in May, 2015 and May,2016. We have also organized the Calendar of TUBITAK Science Fair for the year 2017. Our school sends its students abroad in order to trigger their ambition about language learning. In addition, our students who are curious about Science will be visiting the CERN Lab in Geneva in May ,2017. Since the school has a dormitory, it does the honors of putting up the guests that might come to our school for any project organizations. It is the advantage of the school to be close to Istanbul and being close to the woods and the sea makes it available for performing nature activities.Our school contains successful students within itself and teachers in our school are always willing to take part in national or international projects so as to develop their professional skills. Currently , our school has been in a national E-Twinning project. Our school has been granted by Erasmus funds twice with our projects “Best Practises; Benchmarking” and “The Dance of School with Life”. Our society will pass on all the cultural background and universal values to new generations so it both needs well-educated people and these individuals has right to improve themselves. Thus, teachers have to develop themselves culturally and technologically in order to adopt the contemporary human model which the 21st century requires. Therefore, Our teachers and students are always ready to take part in any Project and they aim at keeping up with the times.